Who will get into Europe?

In the Premier League there are five coveted spots at the top of the table that take the teams who make it there to European competitions, and each season is always full of surprises, a quick look at the betting odds for each team’s chances can show this.

Once they have made it to Europe they then get to compete against the best in Europe so that they can be crowned the best overall in the whole continent. This is a great achievement that many teams hope to get a chance at, however the Premiership is already an incredibly competitive league and getting a top five spot is no easy ask.

But with the league now coming to a close we can see much more clearly who has a chance to make it through to Europe; unfortunately for the betting man this means that odds have become much shorter and in some cases have now ceased to exist.

A guaranteed spot is always hard to come by but Manchester United have managed to secure themselves one by climbing so much further ahead in points no matter if they lose every game left they will still be left in third place and will have a spot in the Champions league.

Following behind currently is Manchester City who look a safe bet to have a spot in the Champions league too. Then there is the more interesting race for third fourth and fifth spot, currently it goes Arsenal, Chelsea and Tottenham but with only three points separating the three this could change with any given game. Finally behind these teams Everton looks like the only other team able to really compete for a spot in the top five but would have to hope the other teams fall down at the last hurdle in order to get a place.

Betting has become much more accessible in recent years thanks to the internet, with both odds and current form being available at your fingertips. The gambling industry and the internet have taken to each other very well, so much so that there have been concerns voiced by various land-based establishments at the competition. Both online bookmakers and online casinos have spread into each other’s market a little as well, this can be seen mostly through the sport-themed slots games that online casinos have been developing.

When the odds are a little tricky to get your head around, or if you’re reading this when the football season has finished, Game On! Slots game is a football based slots game found at online casinos. It is a 3 reel slot game with a jackpot of $10,000 available and is popular with football fans, having many injokes such as a caricature of John Motson being at the side commentating.

If you enjoy being able to analyse and influence the result a little more than the ‘hit and hope’ style of play involved with slots machines, it may be a good idea to think about waiting for the start of the new season to have more control over your winnings!