Lionel Messi, Luis Suarez and Cristiano Ronaldo were the 3 finalists of picking up the UEFA Best Player in Europe award and the winner was selected on August 27 which resulted with the Barcelona star player picking up the award for a 2nd time as he became the first player in the history of the sport to reach this milestone.

Luis Suarez

Messi won the award back in 2011 and collected it once again a few days ago. Luis Suarez reached the shortlist of 3 players along with Cristiano Ronaldo but it was an overwhelming win for Lionel Messi as he received 49 of the 54 votes.

Luis Suarez came in 2nd place while Ronaldo finished in 3rd place as the Portuguese attacker had the fewer amounts of votes. According to some sites on the net, Suarez had only been expecting to finish in third, so to finish ahead of Cristiano Ronaldo was a real bonus.

Despite losing this award to his club teammate Lionel Messi, Suarez praised the Argentine superstar as he deserved to win this award for a 2nd time.

The Uruguayan attacker praised his partner Lionel Messi as Suarez said: "Well, I think it was more than deserved and my reaction is pure happiness, as he is a great team mate and as he said, it’s the result of good work from the whole team to achieve important things. He is just the best in the world and it’s a great pleasure to have him in the team. I am happy, also about the good friendship I have with him."

Messi was just outstanding in the previous season as he scored 58 goals and provided 27 assists to his teammates and also broke the record of Telmo Zarra who had a long serving La Liga record of 251 goals.

Luis Suarez had no problem in admitting that Messi was not only the best player in Europe but also in the entire world as the Argentine attacker is simply untouchable.