Sturridge linked to Arsenal

If rumours are to be believed, Daniel Sturridge will be making a move away from Liverpool during this summer as the player is struggling with injuries in Anfield and the Englishman is fed up with all of the criticism that he has been receiving from Liverpool fans.

However, there seems to be a contradiction going on involving Daniel Sturridge leaving Liverpool or staying with the Premier League beyond the summer.

There is no denying that Sturridge is a player who is consistently getting injured and no manager in the world of football wants to have a player that is unavailable to play for a long period of time.

The German coach admitted in saying that, like many Liverpool fans, he is not a patient person but he has to give Sturridge enough time for him to fully recover and get back in shape.

Liverpool’s Jurgen Klopp responded to all the rumours involving Daniel Sturridge (which are believed to have started on and the possibility of him leaving Anfield by saying: "The Daniel story is not a story. How can it be a story? You cannot create stories and then ask me. If someone wants to say something, at least write your name under it and don't suggest something that is not too cool. It is absolutely not frustrating - it is not interesting. There is absolutely nothing to say about it. I have heard nothing.

"You can’t be nearly fit, then playing, then injured again, then nearly fit, then playing, then injured again, then during training something like injured again, and then you say after five days: ‘Come on!’ to pick the day you get him and then he gets the next injury. We have to be patient. That’s not my best skill but in this case I have no other choice."

For the past few transfer windows, Arsenal has been linked with numerous forwards as the Premier League club is searching around for a player that can boost the offensive department of the club and Daniel Sturridge was being viewed as a possible but taking into consideration all of his injuries, it might be better off for Arsene Wenger to stay away from the injury riddled player.