Jurgen Klopp has denied that he cut short Daniel Sturridge’s presence

Jurgen Klopp has denied that he cut short Daniel Sturridge’s presence on the pitch versus Chelsea out of anger as the Birmingham born player had argued with him disrespectfully on the side lines.

The visuals suggested that Klopp was showing his non-conviction about the position Sturridge was getting into, but, Sturridge, on the other hand, was not convinced about Klopp’s ideas and was not convinced that he was not getting into correct position and it led to an argument which none of the two would have preferred to happen in the camera view and at a time when their relationship is already under scrutiny.

It took only a couple of minutes for Klopp to replace Sturridge post that argument and Sturridge thereafter did not even bother to sit in the dug-out and made his way straight towards the locker room probably in search of a lonely corner to let the frustration out.

However, Klopp ruled out any fall-out and stated that just because Sturridge was down on pace, he was removed and a fresh player was inserted.

Here are some of Klopp’s quotes from the Stamford Bridge presser, “Daniel was not running at the same pace he was running at before the break and at that stage, I wanted a bit of pace from the man playing wide.”

“I had Divock among the substitutes whom I had the option of using and because he was fresh, he could have given me a bit more pace and could have got to a few different spots. So, that was the logic behind putting him in there and calling Daniel out.”

From all this, it looks like some intense fitness drills are desperately needed for Sturridge to become one of the men Klopp would want in his XI more often.